RaaWee K12 provides powerful, affordable solutions to some of the most challenging concerns facing School Leaders and their Student Services teams.


Truancy & Dropout Prevention System

Since the beginning of formal education, truancy has been a strong indicator of a child and family in crisis. Over time, chronic absenteeism became a harbinger of social and community issues such as teenage pregnancy, shoplifting and vandalism. And, just as critical, the tie of school funding to average daily attendance has made truancy a top challenge of school districts for many decades.

Truancy has also been one of the major reasons for any student to eventually dropout from school. Although Truant behavior can be identified by SIS or Attendance Software, this long-time challenge often stems from lack of processes, tools and resources for early recognition, efficient processing and timely intervention

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Online Student Registration System

Online Student Registration System (OSRS) by RaaWee, Inc. makes the annual registration process faster and reduces the paper trail for Public Schools.

Registrars will save time in reviewing and approving the applications without sorting through the documents and manually entering the data for each student. OSRS offers a very convenient and highly efficient way to handle the workload during the onsite registration process every school year.

OSRS has simplified the required back-to-school and new registration process. Gone are the days of completing multiple paper forms for each child. Instead, the registration process will be online, through Secure Online Access Account for the Guardians and District/Campus Staff.

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Loss/Prevention For Assets

School Districts have to manage thousands of valuable Technology Assets, which are spread across different campuses in different rooms. These Assets cost Millions of Dollars to acquire. It is therefore always important for District Technology Leadership to make sure that each Asset is where it is supposed to be.

Saving the information of an Asset once purchased, putting an identity bar code tag on the Asset, sending over the Asset to its particular location/room at any campus and saving this information is straightforward. Any Asset Inventory System can handle this. ISDs are able to keep these inventory records on even Spreadsheets.

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Custom Application Development

Software development is one of the major practice areas for RaaWee and forms a major part of our workforce. We maintain dedicated development and support teams on different computing platforms. These include: Microsoft Technologies, Java, PowerBuilder, Web Based Application Development, & Oracle.

Practicing a properly documented software development work methodology is extremely essential to meet deadlines and project objectives, besides a fully researched and developed work models for different project categories. The models are tailored to the features and functionality of the specific development and deployment tools. This process evolves on a continuous basis offering the best solution available in the ever changing information technology scenario.

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