Truancy & Dropout Prevention System

We have pioneered the way Schools Districts collaborate with students and families for
Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy Prevention at a rapid and unparalleled rate.

  • United ISD sees Improvement in Average Daily Attendance

    United Independent School District implemented RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) in the 2nd semester of school year 2014-2015. Within one year United ISD is noticing improvement in their attendance. With approx. 43,000 students enrolled in the District, comments from their Student Support Services Director are as follows:

    "Since the implementation of TDPS in district, we have seen a positive interaction between parents and school officials in charge of addressing truancy and absences in general. Discovering ways to re-engage the student in the learning process becomes the main goal. By discovering the "barriers" and re-engaging our students in school, our district is seeing positive attendance rates throughout our district."

    - Mr. Jose Almazan, United Independent School District

    House Bill 2398 Compliance
  • Every Student, Every Day! Unifying Interventions and applying Best Practices

    East Side Union High School District has selected RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) to help them engage with students and parents in ways that were not available to them before. Better engagement methods, effective collaboration and integrated information management available with the implementation of TDPS paves the path for the district to reduce truancy and eliminate chronic absenteeism.

    TDPS helps the District to apply the best practices for accurately tracking student attendance and quickly providing applicable interventions to every student who is need for help. The system provides actionable insights into the trends and helps the stakeholders to understand the probable causes for absenteeism in their communities. TDPS helps with increasing the learning potential for every student, every day, before they become at-risk for loosing valuable instruction time.

    Accountability System
  • Midland ISD improves Attendance by using TPDS

    "RaaWee has allowed our district to better monitor and provide early interventions. Our district used this system during the second semester of the 2015-16 school year, and in just that one semester our district had achieved its highest attendance percentage rating in five years."

    - Mr. Tony De La Rosa, Midland ISD

    New law in Texas requires schools to place more focus and provide additional truant interventions to every child that is missing school. This has tremendously increased pressure and workload for school sites. To subside and manage the workload while improving ADA at its 38 campuses, Midland ISD chose to implement Collaboration & Interventions Module (C&I) from RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System. C&I Module helps MISD to provide individualized truant interventions and efficiently document them in a centralized system.

    House Bill 2398 Compliance
  • Pasadena ISD's Student Attendance Improvement Plan

    With 57,000 plus students enrolled across 63 campuses, Pasadena Independent School District has chosen RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) to help them in their plans to improve student attendance and sustain that improvement in the years to follow. TDPS will help them with:

    • Improve student attendance and significantly improving their ADA revenues
    • Implement uniformity and consistency across the district in providing timely interventions to students with challenges
    • Accurately accounting, implementing and documenting truancy preventive programs
    • Take informed & data-driven decisions
    House Bill 2398 Compliance
  • Deer Park ISD implements measures and oversight to prevent truancy & chronic absenteeism

    "TDPS will allow the district to have one central location for information and stay on top of all the interventions that are in place"

    - Ms. Lisa Lambright, Deer Park ISD

    Deer Park Independent School District implemented RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) to take away the time consuming tasks related to truancy & chronic absenteeism prevention from Assistant Principals and Attendance Officers/Clerks. TDPS helps DPISD staff to:

    • Focus better on engaging with truant students and their families
    • Understand barriers to attendance for their students
    • Provide timely assistance and truancy interventions
    • Take confident actions with full insight
    House Bill 2398 Compliance
  • Denton ISD sees ADA revenues gains after using TDPS

    "I did my third cycle Attendance Report for the Board of Trustees on January, 24, 2017. In a simple comparison using 2015 data vs. 2016 data, our overall attendance has increased .75%. When our district was considerably smaller (5-6 years ago) our Deputy Superintendent would tell us if we could improve our attendance by 1% it would basically be equivalent to a $1,000,000 revenue increase. I would assume considering our size we’ve made that gain. I told Dr. Wilson that the only thing I really have to attribute this to is the efficiency of TDPS. I believe that the immediacy of students in need of attention helps us expedite interventions in addressing student needs.

    I truly believe TDPS is beneficial to our campuses and the students of Denton ISD."

    - Mr. Darrell Muncy, Denton ISD

    House Bill 2398 Compliance

Absenteeism has long been a key indicator of a child and family in crisis. Chronic absenteeism harbingers social and community issues such as teenage pregnancy, shoplifting and vandalism. And the tie of school funding to average daily attendance has served to reinforce absenteeism as a top challenge of school districts nationwide.

Truant and chronic absentee behavior is clearly one of the major reasons for any student to eventually dropout of school. And although absenteeism can be identified by SIS or Attendance Software, this long-time challenge often stems from lack of processes, tools and resources for early recognition, efficient processing and timely intervention, including:

  • Tight Collaboration among Key Stakeholders
  • Sound Truancy and Chronic Absenteeism Data Intelligence
  • Efficient Documentation Management
  • Mobile Access and Resources for Case Workers
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This is where Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS), RaaWee K12 Solution introduces success. TDPS delivers a workflow-based Collaboration & Intervention Network easily customizable to any School District's local environment and procedures. All internal stakeholders view up-to-date status and recommendations on their unique Action Board. Administrator view up-to-the-minute Truancy Intelligence in easy to read graphics and trends. All fed real-time by the Truancy Document Manager and Truancy Case Worker Mobile i-App. Proven business tools and practices applied to the business and student support needs of Quality Education.

TDPS achieves successful Prevention, Detection, Intervention and Tracking through its four fully integrated modules

Collaboration & Interventions

  • Preventive Measures at Start of each school year
  • Timely Intervention provided to each & every Child
  • Error-Free Coordination between Stakeholders

Mobile App

  • Error-Free Event Documentation
  • Remote Access to Student Records for Improved communication
  • Mapping, Route Planning & Mileage Log

Court Documentation

  • 1-Click Court Documentation
  • Automated attachment of Proof of Outreach
  • Centralized Filing

Truancy Intelligence

  • 1000s of Data Views/ Reports of Interventions
  • District And Site appropriate Reporting
  • Trending
  • Alerts: Emails & Texts

Child Welfare & Truancy Prevention Professionals are talking . . .

  • This System is a Cadillac of Truancy Prevention Systems.

  • I am blown away after seeing your system. Never thought that something as integrated as this could exist.

  • This system will revolutionize the ways Truancy is prevented.

  • Absolutely love your Mobile i-App! It’s really going to help our officers out in the field.

  • This system will help us to easily improve Attendance by percentage points.

  • It is so easy to navigate around the system. And its ability to drill down to the cause of any issue is amazing!

  • . . . a very intuitive and simple system, it covers every feature that I could think of, and more.

The success realized by TDPS recovers previously lost ADA revenue so quickly that it virtually pays for itself – not somewhere down the road, but right away.

We encourage you to let us prove it to you. Our Truancy & Dropout Prevention technology experts provide you an online demo or onsite consultation for your School District. Request your Demo Today!

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Texas House Bill 2398 mandates School Districts to implement and document truancy prevention and intervention measures.

RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) helps the District to implement best practices to accurately track student attendance, quickly provide truant interventions, collaborate with internal and external social services, communicate early and consistently with the families and adjust interventions to their individualized circumstances that are leading the student to skip the school.

Due to the centralized documentation and tight coordination amongst the stakeholders, Court Adjudication is avoided, but when necessary, it can be promptly filed with the appropriate proof of outreach. RaaWee K12 Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) has enabled this District to implement fully automated preventive measures, provide comprehensive truant interventions to all the applicable students and document the events.

Let us help you to fully comply with the State Law; Improve Student Attendance by percentage points, and Recover your lost ADA revenues!

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